Burnside Lacrosse Club provides the opportunity for boys, girls and adults to play Field Lacrosse in competitions coordinated by Lacrosse SA running from April to September. 

Lacrosse is a rapidly growing sport across the globe, with competitions at club, State, National, and International level.  An increasing number of Australians are now playing College lacrosse in the US.  Check out some of the youtube links to the right and follow Lacrosse SA and the Australian Lacrosse Association on Facebook.

Development programs and differing formats of lacrosse including Box Lacrosse, Junior and Senior indoor competitions, sofcrosse, University and IGSSA competitions offer opportunities to enjoy lacrosse year round.

We coordinate with local schools to organise lacrosse demonstrations  and "Come Try Lacrosse" events.  

If you are interested in playing lacrosse at Burnside Lacrosse Club please email the address on our "Contact" page and follow us on Facebook

Burnside Lacrosse is affiliated with and follows the Rules, Codes and Policies of Lacrosse SA. Club fees include player insurance through Lacrosse SA.

Locally, the Knightsbridge Lacrosse Club (est. 1887) preceded  the formation of Burnside Lacrosse Club in 1952.


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